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An innovative customer app designed to take the hassle out of car ownership by giving drivers one place to keep up to date with all their vehicle maintenance, legal stuff and more..


Its all about simple communication

Autofile revolutionises the way vehicle owners and drivers communicate with their various suppliers and maintenance providers. On top of this we supply high quality and timely notifications to both users and suppliers at the lowest cost possible, across all makes and suppliers.


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

About us

We provide a consumer-focused app to allow vehicle owners and drivers to manage everything to do with their vehicle or vehicles in one place. Whilst there are many apps available to enable some of the functionality of Autofile most if not all are tied to a particular provider to the industry. For example, a vehicle manufacturer or service provider. Autofile works across all makes with funding from the provider(s) as chosen by the consumer. Which is exactly how the industry actually works.

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The connected customer

Autofile is a customer-based app designed to give a vehicle owner/ driver or operator a clear view of everything they need to ensure all maintenance and legal responsibilities are managed effectively. Put simply, Autofile has everything in one place and reminds the user when anything needs to be addressed whilst providing the means to do so.


  • Will handle more than one vehicle.

  • All makes and models.

  • Completely free for the user.

  • Enhances vehicle value with a validated history that can easily be passed on.

  • A LIVE and fully recorded communication channel directly to your garage.


Autofile is future proof even for EV users

Electric vehicle adoption is now undeniably with us moving forward, this has good and bad news for aftersales departments and their customers. Good news is that due to the longer guarantees and general complexities of EV’s, franchised dealers may be holding onto their customers for much longer. Bad news is that maintenance visits will be much shorter, with many more vehicles and customers daily utilising the same front of house overhead as today. This can only add up to bottlenecks and frustration for their customers, if today’s booking and customer handling model is to continue.



We are a collaborative business, working with a range of industry suppliers, groups and OEMs, all with the aim of providing excellent solutions to make everyone’s lives simpler, more profitable and to give everyone a platform to grow and succeed, by allowing them the flexibility to work with the solutions that best fit them and their business.

Dealer management systems


Green Gorilla software


Fuel Design

Autoconnect eVHC

Mobile tyre data capturing


Total Car Check Data

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