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What does Autofile

offer the user?

Everything they need to manage their vehicle or vehicles in one place.


No more looking for documents to find out when things might be due.

No more waiting on hold trying to get through to your garage

No more last-minute booking because you forgot when the next service or MOT was due and now must accept a Wednesday afternoon with no courtesy vehicle or waiting slot available.


The ability to ask questions without the need to call AND the answer is recorded within the app. Access to technical information like tyre pressures, oil type or next service type. Urgent reminders are sent via push notifications in plenty of time to respond and the ability to respond is within the app, any time of day 365 days of the year. If this wasn’t enough, there are plenty of new features being added all the time, all this, at no charge to the app user.

What does Autofile offer the Garage/repairer?

Targeted and instant access to your customers when you need it only chargeable when someone buys or books something.

No ongoing subscription charges making Autofile the cheapest and most effective way to communicate with your customers yet.

Your customers are reminded when things are due like MOT or scheduled servicing with the ability to request a booking there and then, making the whole process very simple and effective with very little impact on your internal resources. This can also include amber VHC items that are rarely the subject of perpetual follow-up.

Electric vehicle adoption is now undeniably with us moving forward which has good and bad news for franchised dealer aftersales departments moving forward. Good news is that due to the longer guarantees and general complexities of EV’s, franchised dealers will be holding onto their customers (or at least the vehicles) for much longer. Bad news is that maintenance visits will be much shorter, and you will need to handle many more vehicles and customers with the same overhead as today. This is where Autofile can manage many of your customers with a level of automation whilst also enhancing customer access and overall satisfaction.

What does Autofile offer suppliers?

Much the same as the garage (above) but our development roadmap includes integrated maintenance plans and claims management.

Please get in touch if you are interested in partnering with Autoconnect on this project. We are always looking for new features to add to make the consumer journey more engaging and are open to any new ideas or propositions.

What does Autofile offer fleets?

Access to the driver of the vehicle and to the general condition of the vehicle. Also, as a fleet owner you can restrict the driver to booking into garages you recommend and will have access to live data on mileage and will even have the ability to communicate directly. Live access to telematics from the vehicle is also on our roadmap for early next year.

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